photo projects

For almost 20 years I have been professionally photographing everything from circus, theatre, art, dance, children and families to storytellers, tour guides, events and music.

I am interested in and will do most jobs as long as I am able to put my personal mark on the result.  I only use natural light (no flash). Everything I do in Photoshop mostly goes by the rule of what I could have done in the old days in the darkroom.

More images coming soon

top hat the trinitatis church
seal women faroe islands
the end of the world skagen, north jutland
chess leningrad oblast
venus with the apple the thorvaldsen museum
white nights palace square, saint petersburg
navy day saint petersburg
letters bohemia, czech republic
storyteller nytorv, copenhagen
old salt bornholm island
artist saint petersburg
autumn christianshavn, copenhagen
pirate Copenhagen Court House